Vega’s experienced consultants deliver exceptional value. With  years of industry experience, excellent interpersonal skills, an innate insightfulness, and a driven mentality, our consultants are among the most skilled and talented in the market.  Vega consultants deliver quality talent on demand to Fortune 500 companies as well as fast growing start-ups to help them achieve business success. Whether you’re looking for a long-term or short-term employee, executive or staff level, we’ve got you covered.

Representative Vega Consultants

Vega consultants range in skills and expertise in a variety of fields such as business consulting, marketing, project management, operations support as well as education. Here are just some examples of the stars we have at Vega!

Janinne, Marketing Communications

  • Janinne created marketing content for Microsoft Surface through Flexible Workstyle Campaign, Get2Modern Campaign, and core content.
  • She has an MBA from the University of Cape Town and a BA in Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Journalism and Media Studies with Honors.
  • Janinne has helped develop a multitude of projects at Microsoft, including SQL Server, Windows Azure, Windows Phone 7 OEM, OneNote, SharePoint, and more.
  • Her earlier experience also includes Hubspan, Paula’s Choice, Adobe, and Concur Technologies.

Lisa W., Marketing Strategy & Launch

  • Lisa developed co-marketing campaigns and promotions with top app publishers. She earned a BA in Economics and MBA from Stanford University.
  • She brings 15+ years of marketing and business development experience.
  • She was First VP of Customer Value & Channel Management at Washington Mutual, as well as the VP of Product Management and Development, Partnership Marketing, B2B, and New Industry Development at American Express.
  • She was also a group manager at Microsoft, and an analyst at Merrill Lynch.

Project Management

Liz B., PM Deployment, & Marketing

  • Liz is implementing deployment of the Microsoft IT Academy program into 572 high schools in Alabama & the Commonwealth of Virginia. She has developed the Governor-level program status communication to support renewal efforts, and leads onboarding and new deployment manager training. She provides consulting on program marketing including Windows 8 app content, sales and event kit materials, and Infographic.
  • She aligned education vertical campaign and solution area strategy to scorecard, segmentation, business trends, and subsidiary maturity for max field and partner revenue growth as a Senior Education Marketing Manager at Microsoft.

Ram, Complex Project Management

  • Ram is currently in the Enterprise Services organization at Microsoft, and has launched the Premier Support for Partners Offering world-wide, in over 65 countries.
  • He studied Computer Science Engineering at the University of Madras and has worked in the Windows Organization in Microsoft for over 10 years.
  • He has significant expertise in project and portfolio management, cross-team and cross-group collaborations and negotiations, software development and UI design.


Colin C., Customer Support Tools & Infrastructure

  • Colin provided  technical guidance and consulting regarding tools & infrastructure changes for Microsoft’s Ecommerce/Marketplace/App Store projects.
  • Colin obtained his graduate education from the University of Washington and undergrad from Western Washington University.
  • He has over 10 years of experience in IT, database, SQL, RDBMS, especially as Technical PM and database developer.
  • Colin also created and managed the BOLT project- an internal data mart which pulled data from CAP OLTP data sources and transformed and loaded info into a specialized data mart with star schema and de-normalized data structures. CAP is the internal CRM software used by support personnel to support all customer facing products at Microsoft with more than 200 partner systems.\

Business Strategy

Tom G., Operations, Strategy & Planning

  • A strategic-minded, results-driven professional credited with guiding successful investment, development and delivery of IT risk and compliance solutions. Tom is also an expert at implementing “Net Promoter Score” customer loyalty and service quality programs designed to drive sales and revenue goal achievement. With functional and management expertise in product planning, program management and software development he’s a versatile leader – particularly in start-up situations. Tom worked at Microsoft for over 18 years where he held esteemed positions as the Director of GRC Product Strategy, Director of Privacy Solutions Strategy, Director of Business Management for MSN & Windows Live, and more.
  • Tom received his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington, and an MBA from Seattle University.
  • He also serves on the board of directors for CARES of Washington a non-profit providing work-life services for people with disabilities.