Happy Anniversary: Vega Celebrates a Decade in Business!

August 2013 marked Vega Consulting’s 10th anniversary. Gunilla Luthra founded Vega to meet the growing need of companies to manage their workforces more flexibly. Initially focused on providing consultants with expertise in researching customer loyalty and satisfaction, Vega subsequently expanded into marketing, strategy, project management, operations and support, and licensing. Highlights of the last 10 years include: numerous awards and recognitions; an expanding customer base; consistent annual revenue growth; adding expertise in customer support operations, licensing, and education through partnerships and acquisitions with Develin Group LLC, Meucci & Company, and Holler Tree Co.; and earning preferred supplier status at Microsoft.

This 10th year has been very exciting for Vega as we once again realize record revenues thanks to the hard work of 150 consultants and a dedicated headquarters team,” says Vega Managing Principal John Pope.